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New Innovative Pet Product - Grass Roots Marketing Strategy
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New Innovative Pet Product - Grass Roots Marketing Strategy

Not long ago, I had been speaking to a very interesting entrepreneur, a blast from the past, someone I'd had apparently met a very long time ago, as within a few decades past. Today, he has a new company, a new innovative pet product that wants to improve the lifestyle of your pet, one which seemingly dog owners completely love. The company is working out nicely for him and he had been wondering how best to advertise it. His strategy was to use the Internet, and also some type of grassroots advertising to enhance his word advertising.


His goal was to receive 10,000 to 20,000 new clients, as he thought would give him a good lifestyle, a decent profit margin, and help him expand his business, maybe adding future goods, and online catalog to grow the company into something big. I totally applaud this amount of entrepreneurial vision, providing the item is safe, legitimate, and fair for all concerned. He promised me it was.

Okay so, how would you go about introducing a new innovative pet product utilizing grassroots marketing approaches in a specific area, or condition? Well, there are lots of things you can do, for example; if you have a look at just how Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream started out, they gave away free ice cream in all the popular places and beaches around the country. The free samples they gave away got everyone hooked, and the clients loved it. They built their business out of nothing by traveling around in a motorhome and giving away free ice cream, but not only was it enjoyable, but in addition, it worked.

Why am I sold on this thought? Before I retired I ran a franchising company, we franchised mobile carwash units. We were constantly giving away free carwashes to present our support at office buildings, and I will tell you that nothing developed our clientele faster or assisted us lock into a new customer than a free carwash. Now, how would we go about grassroots advertising for this pet product that you ask?

Well, first we have to ascertain where best to give free samples, areas where there are lots of dogs, and their owners. Luckily, there's a dog at nearly any or every third home in our nation. Nonetheless, it's ideal to get people out in the open, if they are with their animals, like at the playground, or dog training or something of the nature. Therefore I suggested he create lists of possible places, and potential pet influencers.

Would not it be good to have a listing of all of the dog walkers in his area, those people that did puppy training, dog sitting, and most of the clubs that go into dogs in various dog shows? These are excellent places to start. Think about if you will when you go to a park, and you also see a lot of dogs lined doing training, what should you got there before the meeting began and talked to all the pet owners? What if you gave them free samples, a flyer, or accumulated their e-mail addresses with consent to contact them about your products?

In this situation it is grassroots marketing, you are absolutely going to the park, and talking about the pet owners while their pets are on the grass, and perhaps digging up the roots? Please think about all this and believe on it.

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